Meet Our Founder

As a young child, Khadidja primarily learned about skincare by watching her mother. For as long as she can remember, she would see her mother mixing up different natural ingredients in their kitchen. She later found out that these mixtures were natural skin remedies passed down for generations within her family’s West African culture. Her mother would create all different types of products, but almost always with bases of shea butter and cocoa butter. After graduating from college and beginning work as a consultant for a Fortune 500 company, Khadidja received the opportunity to travel the world as a part of her job.

After experiencing skin problems of her own, Khadidja began to seek out locals for their best-kept skincare secrets. She saw that different cultures relied on various powerhouse ingredients like turmeric, tea tree oil, and sugarcane to address their skin concerns. Khadidja also began to notice some similarities within the products she was coming across. These natural remedies all appeared to be formulated with her mother’s favorite base ingredients of shea butter or cocoa butter. It was there that the idea for Kubra Kay was born. Kubra Kay Skincare was created as a way to combine Khadidja’s deep breadth of product knowledge with the powerhouse natural ingredients that she came across during her travels and within her rich heritage at home. As a brand created for the people and by the people, Khadidja seeks to empower others every day through Kubra Kay’s clean, high-performing products.

I'm so thrilled that you get to be apart of this journey with us. If you have any questions, or just want to say hi, you can reach us at!
With Love,
Founder and CEO