This Ancient Treatment Will Chisel Cheekbones & Detox Your Body

This practice has been traced back to traditional Chinese medicine. It has deep historical roots, and for centuries, has been used to help muscle tension, de-stressing, lymphatic stagnation, inflammation, and blood flow. It’s also said to improve the flow of your Qi, a  Chinese word, meaning life force. Facial cupping will detoxify your face and leave your jawline chiseled. Honestly, it’s an overall skincare game-changer!

How does it work?

The suction effect pulls blood into the area of skin underneath the cup. Cupping also promotes sterile inflammation. Sterile inflammation is a form of pathogen-free trauma. With cupping, it results from mechanical trauma. The vacuum-like suction separates different layers of tissues, resulting in microtrauma and tearing. This triggers an inflammatory response, flooding the area with white blood cells, platelets, and other healing aids.

What’s the Point? What are the Benefits?

The primary goal of cupping is to increase circulation where applied. This helps promote 1.lymphatic drainage while also 2. fostering cell repair and regeneration.

Lymphatic Drainage

Throughout your body, you have lymph nodes that store toxins and fat. Your cardiovascular system has a mechanical pump to eliminate waste, but unlike your cardiovascular system, your lymph nodes require mechanical manipulation and intervention to help eliminate the excess toxins and fat. For example, when you have puffiness or bloating in your face, that’s fluid being held in these tissue spaces. Draining the lymph mixes the toxins back into the blood to be eliminated.

Cell repair and regeneration

The suction effect pulls blood into the area of skin underneath the cup. This saturates the surrounding tissue with fresh blood and promotes new blood vessel formation.  It also stimulates collagen-producing cells, thereby helping to brighten the skin and improve the appearance of fine lines.


Our Thoughts?

For an at-home treatment, facial cupping is an amazing way to give your skin a quick lift and glow. This is a great tool to include in every facial routine and really feels amazing. Luckily you don't have to look far check out the Kubra Kay Skincare facial cups in the link below:

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