We have traveled to 25 countries spanning four continents in search of the finest ingredients.  On Our voyages to India and Sri-Lanka, we were fortunate enough to be readily welcomed and experience cultural skincare practices that have been passed down the generations. Through our travels, we acquired the knowledge and techniques needed to cultivate the best product for skin.  We were enlightened ingredients like turmeric and cinnamon, which we implemented as a key ingredient in some of our best-selling products.  We have mastered the science of skincare to achieve the perfect formula. We pride ourselves on our natural nourishing formula that gives your skin the care it deserves. The time frame for our products takes over a year of formulation to achieve perfection. At Kubra Kay Skincare, we not only take pride in including great ingredients but the texture of our products to ensure the formula is optimal for skin absorption. We strive to produce well-rounded products, catered to you.